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My work

Beautiful Landscape

Sustainability, Urban Planning, Green Building, Zero Net Carbon, Climate Resilience, ESG Investing

Selected work 

Entrepreneurship activities

Alchemist Accelerator (US) - Mentor

CleanTech Open 2023 (US) - Judge

Next Generation Foresight Practitioners 2023 (UK) – Judge

Africa's Business Heroes (Africa) 2023 – Judge

Participated in the U.S. Department of State's Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) 2023, facilitated by VentureWell

Climate Resilience

Evaluate climate resilience of cities, properties and climate adaptation and resilience strategies

Foster the development of IFC/Work Bank's first-of-its-kind BRI (Building Resilience Index)

ESG Investing

Focus on ESG financial materiality and Portfolio integration.

ESG data, integration methodology and evaluation

American Planning Association

Initiate and facilitate the first official partnership between American Planning Association - International Division and Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association and facilitate longer-term collaboration 

Organize and host the first webinar (2022 July)

Facilitate MoU Signing Ceremony between the two organizations (2023 November)

Zero Net Carbon Building Zoning - City of Boston

Member of the Zero Net Carbon Building Zoning team introduced Boston's strategies for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, including the development of zero net carbon building zoning for new construction, and related updates to Boston Zoning Article 37 Green Buildings.

Associated with Boston Planning & Development Agency

E+Positive: Energy, Environment, Equity

The E+ Green Building Program has challenged leading architects, builders, and developers to work together to design and construct high-performance, green, urban homes and to demonstrate the feasibility of regenerative buildings in Boston.

Associated with Boston Planning & Development Agency

MIT System Design Management

Mechanisms for Stakeholder Engagement in the Design of Model-based Workshops to Increase Sustainable Development of an Evolving Community (Working paper)

Associated with MIT System Design Management

and Global Teamwork Lab

All-inclusive approach to Sustainability

Breakfast event: All-inclusive approach to sustainability covers the following topics:

Green technologies have been evolving over the last decade

New - Access to clean energy - presented by Dragon Capital

Waste to energy in Vietnam - presented by INSEE Ecocycle


Construction Waste Management in Urban Projects

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